available for digital download and streaming on Apple music, spotify & tidal september 15.

vinyl release available end of october.



Available for streaming on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal or digital download on iTunes or the JFA Store

Produced by Mallory Scott & Joy Felt Analog

Engineered by Mallory Scott in Toronto, Canada

Mastered by Bryan Lowe at João Carvalho Mastering

Cover Art by Ethan Rozeluk & Adrian Stiegler



Available for streaming on Apple MusicGoogle Play, Spotify, Tidal or digital download on iTunes or the JFA Store

Produced by Mallory Scott & Joy Felt Analog

Engineered by Mallory Scott in Muskoka, Ontario

Mastered by Bryan Lowe at João Carvalho Mastering

Cover Art by Adrian Stiegler


L.A. You Go

"L.A. You Go" is a personal, inspired anthem. It was produced and recorded by Andre Doucette. You can purchase the track here.


Joy EP

by Joy Felt Analog

"Joy" is the ep that started it all. We still love playing these songs live. You can purchase the ep in the store.



When Joy Felt Analog formed, the mandate was to get all of the music that had been building up between them over the years to a place they had always envisioned it. Four musically like-minded friends assembling to write, perform, and add their unique flavours to compositions brought to the table from each of them. Individually, their musicianship and song-writing capabilities were limited to makeshift arrangements recorded in their basements and apartments. Together, their affiliation produces music that reflects the tastes and influences of each member and brings their song-writing to another level entirely.


What began as weekly sessions at the famous Toronto Rehearsal Factory as the litmus test for the potential of the group, became a place where fully realized songs, flushed-out performances, and musical comradery took shape. The band grew, advanced, and confidently recorded their first EP “Joy”, produced by Andre Doucette, live off the floor, at the Iguana Studios in North Toronto early in 2015. When they released their latest single “Planetarium”, the band decided to partner with MusiCounts, an initiative dedicated to providing Canadian youth with proper music programs through donations acquired from a pay-what-you-want, free download system.


Live show after live show, at iconic Toronto venues such as The Horseshoe, Lee’s Palace, The Cadillac Lounge, and The Rivoli, JFA kept honing their performances and kept attracting larger and larger indie music fans. This buzz garnered them not only a summer-long residency at one of Toronto’s premier amateur band stages, The Hideout, but also a spot in the much revered NXNE festival that showcases much of the unknown talent this country has to offer. Truly an honour and achievement for such a relatively young band.


This is only the beginning. What once began as simply putting the polish on already existing material for live shows has leapt into a collaborative song-writing campaign that encapsulates what this band is truly about: Solid, melodic, uncompromising Canadian Rock. With each new song another corner is turned and another artistic goal is achieved and with plans to record more EPs, now with producer Mallory Scott, their ambition to continue to provide more music to the people has never been stronger. The started out having something to prove to each other and themselves. Now they have something to prove to the world.



For Shows and Media inquiries, please reach us at joyfeltanalog@gmail.com

Press Kit

You can download the bands' EPK here.